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Study Spanish


Study Spanish: Basic Tutorial for Kids
This free online Spanish Tutorial provides a guide and a useful teaching resource for anyone learning the language and looking to improve their skills; from children, beginners, school and college students of all levels, to people living or travelling to Spanish speaking countries. For the more confident Spanish student, there are  comprehension and grammar worksheets, and tutorials which cover the verb processes from past to future tense, stem changing verbs, conjugation, pronouns, adjectives and many more Spanish tutorial lessons to help improve and practice speaking, reading, writing, listening and understanding the Spanish Language and grammatical rules.

Study Spanish: Pronunciation Tutorial
Teachers and students may use this online Spanish tutorial for free; for ideas and help with planning lessons, homework, and practice with writing, listening, understanding and speaking the Spanish Language. Around the site you will notice Spanish Tutorial videos which are associated with the page related tutorial. The audio videos feature Spanish speakers clearly communicating the language, and pronouncing words and vocab from the lesson tutorial. Students can listen to the Spanish Tutorial videos to learn how to say words and phrases correctly which are associated with the language topic they're studying.


Study Spanish

Study Spanish: Tutorial for Kids and Teachers

Worksheets In Spanish (tutorial for vocabulary, words, grammar and verbs)
Flashcards with Pictures (alphabet, numbers, colors, animals, weather conditions tutorial)

Basic Spanish Tutorial for Beginners:

Spanish Alphabet (Letters A-Z, pronunciation video, letter sounds, examples)
Spanish Numbers (numbers, lists, how to count, audio videos, ordinal)

Spanish Words and Vocabulary Tutorial:

Spanish Vocabulary (days, months, family, greetings, colors, weather, food)
Spanish Words (common, basic, Christmas, love, question words, 'a' and 'i')
Spanish Sentences (How to form a sentence and grammar rules Tutorial)

Study Spanish
The word for language in Spanish is lenguaje or lengua and the word for Spain in Spanish is Espa�a, however, this is not the only country which speaks the language of Spain, in fact, there are more than thirty Spanish speaking countries across the world, many of them located in North and South America including Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chili and Argentina. The origin of the Spanish Language runs deep and it is now a first language to over 300 million people worldwide. This tutorial will help independent learners and classroom students to develop their spoken communication, written and listening skills. Another excellent way to learn Spanish very quickly is through music. It's a quick way to learn popular expressions, words and common phrases through learning the songs and translating the words to English.

Study Spanish
This tutorial guide to the Spanish Language provides varied online lessons and tutorials which will encourage children and adults to learn how to speak the language the quickest and easiest way possible. Learning how to speak the Spanish Language is far more enjoyable it its taught the right way; beginning with a simple Spanish tutorial; learning how to write, say and understand basic words in order to gain an excellent vocabulary base in this language, including words for colors, numbers, days, months, time, directions, weather conditions, objects in the home and classroom, food and drink - essential words to get you by, before moving on to phrases, adjectives and sentences which will help with day to day conversation and communication. A sound vocabulary base with a range of terms, words and phrases will encourage beginners to communicate with others and will prove particularly useful when asking for assistance in Spain or any other country where the language is spoken.
There are tutorial worksheets for kids which cover basic language vocabulary, words, terms, phrases and topics. Each Spanish Tutorial, including the language worksheets, are printable for free which provides an ideal teaching resource to schools.

Study Spanish
The best way to learn the Spanish Language is to start with a basis Spanish tutorial; learn as many words as possible, and practice how to write and speak the language. It is very important to work on good communication skills, particularly word pronunciation, as this will ensure that other people are able to understand. Watch our free Spanish Tutorial Videos for guidance. Learning a new language can seem a little daunting at first, it can feel a little odd trying to pronounce different words in a foreign language. Everybody has to start somewhere and other people will appreciate you making an effort to speak their language. This tutorial website will help you gain the confidence to practice and speak Spanish whenever the opportunity arises, as is the importance of practicing and learning verb structure and tenses, and understanding how sentences are constructed - all of which can be learned with our tutorial videos and lessons. The grammar rules are very different to the English language as the Spanish Tutorial will clarify. Learn some of the basic verbs and practice using them in conversation to improve your skills. Listen carefully to other people speaking the language. Listen carefully to our tutorial videos and try to recognize the change in pitch and expression in their voices.


Study Spanish

The Spanish Tutorial video below is just one example of the range of Spanish tutorial videos available across this website. The tutorial videos allow anybody learning the Language to listen to correct pronunciation of essential words, terms, phrases and sentences which will help them to communicate with other people speaking espa�ol across the world. The Spanish tutorial videos can be found throughout various sections of this tutorial website via the links in the Spanish Tutorial index above and relate to the given subject which include phrases, terms, sentences, the alphabet tutorial, basic conversation including introducing yourself in Spanish and talking about your family, pets, and general interests, sports and hobbies.


Study Spanish: Tutorial Video

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