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Spanish Worksheets


Spanish Worksheets
These free online Spanish Worksheets provide an excellent resource for teachers to use in the school classroom or students to use for study and revision. The Espa�ol Worksheets cover a range of topics which may arise on a daily  basis including greeting, numbers, animals, objects in the classroom and around the home, directions, commands, clothing, body parts, months, days, describing words, adjectives, sentences and phrases. The Language Worksheets can assist individual learners and students of all levels including Kindergarten, Preschool, Primary School, Beginners, Elementary, First Grade, Middle School, Intermediate, High School and College. Whatever the reason for studying this beautiful language which is spoken by more than 300 million people across the world, these worksheets provide a very good way to practice and develop language skills, conversation and communication. All of the Vocab and Grammar Worksheets are printable for free and have separate answer sheets for teachers or home study. These free printable Spanish Worksheets list questions to test how much you know. Each of the Worksheets provide space for children and students to write their answers and teachers to leave their comments.


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Spanish Worksheets


Animal Worksheets
Animals in Spanish Worksheet
Family Worksheets
Family Members in Spanish Worksheet
Body Parts Worksheets
Spanish Body Parts Worksheet One upper body
Spanish Body Parts Worksheet Two middle body
Spanish Body Parts Worksheet Three lower body
Food Worksheets
Spanish Food Worksheet One breakfast food
Spanish Food Worksheet Two lunch / dinner
Spanish Food Worksheet Three vegetables
Spanish Food Worksheet Four fruit
Spanish Food Worksheet Five meat / fish
Christmas Worksheets
Christmas in Spanish Worksheet
Greetings Worksheets
Greetings in Spanish Worksheet
Classroom Objects Worksheets
Classroom Objects in Spanish Worksheet
Months Worksheets
Months in Spanish Worksheet
Clothing Worksheets
Clothing in Spanish Worksheet
Numbers Worksheets
Spanish Numbers Worksheet 1-50
Spanish Number Worksheet 1-100
Spanish Worksheet Ordinal Numbers
Spanish Numbers Worksheet for Kids 1-20
Colors Worksheets
Colors in Spanish Worksheet
Colors in Spanish Worksheet for Kids
Question Word Worksheets
Question Words in Spanish Worksheets
Days of the Week Worksheets
Days of the Week in Spanish Worksheet
Weather Worksheets
Weather Conditions in Spanish Worksheet One

Weather Conditions in Spanish Worksheet Two
Direction Worksheets
Directions in Spanish Worksheet
Spanish Commands Worksheet


Verb Conjugation Worksheets
Spanish Conjugation Worksheet One ar verbs
Spanish Conjugation Worksheet Two er verbs
Spanish Conjugation Worksheet Three ir verbs

Spanish Worksheets - Vocabulary
The Vocabulary Worksheets in the left column cover words which will help kids and students to build a very useful vocabulary base which will improve conversational skills and abilities. These free Worksheets can help with revision, writing, learning, understanding and spelling words in Espa�ol. They can be used as tests to help students practice how much they know and understand. Please feel free to print Worksheets for use in the classroom or to assist with homework, study or revision. Using language activity sheets as a study aid can help students revise for tests and exams in foreign languages.

Spanish Worksheets - Grammar
The Worksheets on the right can significantly improve Language skills, both verbal and written. It's very important to learn the verbs to encourage fluent conversation and correct use of the language. These particular worksheets will help anybody learning the language to understand verb processes, verb structure, sentence structure, grammar rules, masculine and feminine rules. The tenses are very different to the English Language so it is important to practice verb drills and understand the concept. Grammar worksheets include the alphabet, pronouns, verbs, past tense, present tense, future tense, ar verbs, stem changing verbs, preterit, present progressive, comprehension, cognates, conjugation, conversation, imperfect, adjectives and possessive adjectives.


Spanish Worksheets

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