picture flashcard for the letter E

colorful letters of the alphabet

picture flashcard for the letter E

colorful letters of the alphabet

colorful letters of the alphabet


Spanish Alphabet


Spanish Alphabet
One of the first steps towards learning, speaking and understanding Spanish is to learn the alphabet properly. The following list of letters from the Spanish alphabet with pronunciation tips and examples is printable for free and provides a good teaching method to help children and beginners learn the sounds and pronunciation of the Spanish Alphabet. This Alphabet abc list can be printed out for free and given to kids and beginners to practice their abc. If you would like a lovely set of printable alphabet flashcards with pictures for kids, please refer to the Spanish Flashcards with pictures link on the home page.

Las letras del alfabeto (English translation 'The letters of the alphabet')
Listen carefully to the sound of each letter of the alphabet to ensure you learn the correct pronunciations of the Alphabet letters; this will enable you to form more complex words and vocabulary. The Spanish sounds are different to the letters from the English Alphabet. The language audio video at the bottom of this page will teach you how to pronounce and say the Spanish Alphabet correctly. It is a free teaching resource which can be used by everyone including kids, beginners and school teachers. Listen to the video, pause it if necessary to listen carefully to the sound of the Spanish alphabet letters and practice saying each letter out loud.


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How to say the letters correctly

Spanish Alphabet

English to Spanish Alphabet List

Letters / Letras

Guide to Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation

Spanish Example

A, a [a]

a as in rack


B, b [be] b as in beg barco

C, c [ce]

- c (before vowel letters a, u, o) as in car
- c
(before vowel letters e, i) is pronounced th as in that - in some places including LA or the Canary Islands it is pronounced s as in see


D, d [de]

- d (if a word begins with the letter d) as in dent
- d
(pronounced between vowels) the d sound is softer
- d
(if the letter d is the last letter of a word) it is pronounced th as in that

E, e [e] e as in send elefante
F, f [efe] f as in fewer feo
G, g [ge]

- g (before vowel letters a, o, u) as in got
- g
(before vowels e, i) pronunciation is ch as in loch
- gu
(before vowels e, i) sounds like got

H, h [hache] the letter h is always silent hermana
I, i [i] i like ee sound in weed miel
J, j [jota] j like the ch sound in loch jard�n
K, k [ka] k like letter k in kicking kil�metro
L, l [ele]

- one L is pronounced like the letter L in lost
- double LL
(two Ls) sounds like the letter lli in English - as in billion. In some places including LA and the Canaries it sounds like the letter Y in English as in yet

M, m [eme] m as in marry madre
N, n [ene] n as in now places

�, � [e�e]

is pronounced ny as in canyon


O, o [o] o as in dot rojo
P, p [pe] p sounds like the letter p in pet pa�s
Q, q [cu] qu sounds like the letter k in keen quiero
R, r [ere / erre]

- r (when r is the last letter of a word or it is located between vowels) as in role
- double
r (rr) is pronounced differently as it's rolled for example in the Spanish word pe
rro meaning dog

S, s [ese] s as in seen siete
T, t [te] t as in tint t�o
U, u [u] u sounds like oo in tool mucho
V, v [uve] v sounds like English letter b as in boy voy
W, w [uve doble] w sounds like English letter v as in vest w�ter
X, x [equis]

- x (before a consonant or the first letter of a word) sounds like the letter s
- x
(between vowels) sounds like ks as in taxi
- x
in some words is pronounced ch as in loch

Y, y [ye] y as in yet playa
Z, z [zeta]

- z in Spain the letter z is pronounced th as in that, in some places including S.Spain, LA and the Canaries it is pronounced like s in seen



Spanish Alphabet

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