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Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation


Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation
When saying the letters of the alphabet, try to relate them to the pronunciation advice in the right hand column of the chart located on the Spanish Alphabet page. This will help you to learn and remember how to pronounce the letters properly, which will enable you to say words and vocabulary properly. All letters of the Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation are feminine which means they take feminine form in conversation, for example, you would say la a or una a.

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation - How to pronounce the letters of the alphabet correctly
The video below is a pronunciation video which relates to Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation. It can be used to practice saying and pronouncing the sounds of the letters of the Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation. The audio language video is free and provides a fun learning and teaching resource for school teachers and kids or anyone learning the Alphabet. This is a great way to practice saying and listening to the Alphabet letters pronounced correctly in Spanish. The audio video repeats the letters of the Spanish alphabet twice, however, if you would like to hear the letters again, feel free to press play again. The video may be paused at any point to give kids and beginners the opportunity to practice saying the letters out loud.


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Spanish Alphabet

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation and Accents - Where to apply stress in a word
The rules to applying stress to a word in Spanish are very clear. The rules are as follows:

  • Stress is applied to words which end with a vowel a, e, i, o, u or the letters n or s on the syllable before the end. This would apply to Spanish words such as cosas, zapato, bonita, fuego.

  • Stress is applied to words ending with a consonant except letters n or s on the syllable before the end. For example, Spanish words such as comprar, jugar, pared, Madrid.

  • A written accent also requires stress in the pronunciation of the words. This would apply to Spanish words with accents such as adiós, día, sábado, cuál, qué, algún.

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation Video

The following Spanish audio video can be used to teach children and beginners how to say the letters of the alphabet correctly in Spanish. Las letras del alfabeto in English translates to 'The letters of the alphabet')


Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation

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