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Spanish Numbers


Spanish Numbers
Learn how to say, spell and pronounce numbers in Spanish with these free online number lists and tests which provide a suitable learning resource for kids, adults and teachers. The lists of Spanish numbers start with the basics for children and beginners, and advance to large numbers, ordinal numbers and fractions. We provide different methods to help you learn, understand, and remember each number en español; making learning as easy as possible for everybody. We have covered the best ways to learn this language including: printable lists and charts which provide you with the correct words and spellings; quizzes and tests to help you recall each number when asked to do so out of their usual sequence or order; flashcards for toddlers, kids and primary school children providing a fun learning method suitable for young age groups; worksheets and activities to test how much you know and highlight areas which may require more practice; Spanish language videos providing clear and precise speakers teaching you how to pronounce the words for each number properly so that you will be understood.


Spanish Numbers - Number Quiz
Number Quiz - it's easier to learn the Spanish numbers in order of sequence starting from zero, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or one hundred; however, it is far more difficult to remember numbers when asked to do so sporadically. Some of the numbers, such as 60 and 70 sound or look a little similar and this can cause some confusion. Therefore, it is very important to practice how to say, write and understand each number. Our Spanish Numbers Quiz can really help anybody learning this language to practice and remember the right words for all of the numbers, both large and small.

Spanish Numbers - Number Lists
Printable number lists - There are list and charts to help you pick out and learn the word for an individual number quickly and easily. All our lists are printable and can be printed out for free. They provide a useful reference and resource for learning some of the basic words of this language. The print outs can be very useful for teachers as they can be handed out to students in the classroom. The lists also provide a useful exam revision or homework resource for students, or anybody trying to learn the basics.

Spanish Numbers - Number Flashcards
Printable number flashcards - This fun method of learning is particularly suitable for young children and toddlers in preschool, kindergarten, nursery, first and primary school. Young kids can learn a great deal, especially when teaching is made fun and interesting for them. Flashcards are simple but very interesting to kids who enjoy the bright colors, fun pictures and simplified way of learning basic words in Spanish. In the flashcard section, you will find various topics to help educate children which include the number flashcards. All of the teaching resources are printable for free.

Spanish Numbers - Number Worksheets
These free worksheets are printable and provide a wonderful teaching resource for schools, teachers and tutors alike. The worksheets test student knowledge and highlight areas where kids and students may need to progress and develop their language skills with perhaps a little more focus on spelling, use of accents or simply just remembering certain number groups. This is a fantastic way to reinforce learning and check the level and ability of class pupils.

Spanish Numbers - Number Pronunciation Videos
Language videos - this is a great way to learn how to say numbers in Spanish correctly. The are videos will really help with number pronunciation as they provide speakers who give clear and precise translation of words. It is important to listen carefully to the speakers to learn how to pronounce the words for numbers correctly. Try saying each number aloud before checking your pronunciation with the video. This is a useful method to assist students revising and studying for a Spanish oral examination.


Spanish Numbers

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