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words with Spanish accents

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This set of cute animal flashcards with pictures will help children to remember the words for animals in Spanish. They can also be used for teaching kids the names of animals in English as the descriptions on each of our animal flashcards is written in Spanish and English. The study card images are very cute, bright and colorful in help make learning interesting and exciting for kids. All young children can begin learning the Spanish language with animal flashcards including babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten and infants. This is an ideal teaching method which everybody can use for free including schools. There are more fun animal flashcards within the alphabet flashcards section. Please click on the Spanish Flashcards with Pictures link above for more animal picture flashcards. The easy to follow instructions on how to print a flashcard can be found at the bottom of this page.


Bear  Flashcard - Spanish Animals Gato

Cat  Flashcard - Spanish Animals Gato

Cow Flashcard - Spanish Animals Vaca

Dolphin Flashcard - Spanish Animals Delfin



Cow Dolphin

Elephant Flashcard - Spanish Animals Elefante

Fish Flashcard - Spanish Animals Pez

Flamingo Flashcard - Spanish Animals flamenco

Giraffe Flashcard - Spanish Animals Jirafe

Elephant Fish Flamingo Giraffe
Penguin Flashcard - Spanish Animals hand drawn picture of a rabbit for a Spanish flashcard Snake Flashcard - Spanish Animals Tortoise Flashcard - Spanish Animals Tortuga






hand drawn picture of a sheep for a Spanish flashcard




Spanish Animal Flashcards
Young children can be taught the names of animals in Spanish with this set of printable animal flashcards. This method can speed up learning and understanding the Spanish language, particularly for young beginners. The images are bright and captivating which helps kids to remember Spanish words and vocabulary. Kids find animals cute and interesting so they will feel excited to learn the Spanish words for animals. Teachers can use these animal flashcards in class to help teach babies, toddlers, preschool, kindergarten kids and other young children how to say, write and spell simple vocab and words in Spanish. These particular study cards may also be used to teach English to Spanish children as the name of each animal is written in English and Spanish languages.

Spanish Animal Flashcards - how to print a Flashcard
It is quick and simple to print this set of animal flashcards. All you need to do is select the image you would like to print, right click on it and select print. All of our Spanish animal flashcards are printable for free to everybody. There is no need to download the flashcards as they can be printed directly from this page. These small study card can be given to kids to take home where they can use them to practice learning how to say, spell and write the Spanish names of animals. If you would like to print a big animal flashcard, please click on the link beneath the relevant card which will take you to a larger version. The large animal flashcards are ideal for teaching Spanish to groups of kids as they are big enough to present to the classroom.



Spanish Animal Flashcards

  • Printable Animal Flashcards for Children and ideas for lesson planning and teaching Spanish and English languages.
  • Fun flash cards for Kids which are free and easy to print. Basic study cards which provide learning activities and study games.
  • Free printable language flash cards for kids and teachers.
  • Spanish Picture cards with cute animals and words for dog, cat, rabbit, sheep, fish, penguin, mouse, monkey, elephant
  • All images are hand drawn and copyright belongs to Sarah Johnstone


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